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King of the Hill (1997)

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Peggy Hill: the Decline and Fall (2) - S4-E1

Corrected entry: Hank states that DiDi is three years older than Peggy. However, in the episode "Shins of the Father", he said that he went to kindergarten with Didi, which would make him three years older than Peggy as well. This is not possible, though, because he says in "Luanne Virgin 2.0" that he and Peggy were married when they were eighteen. (If he is three years older than Peggy and he was married to her at age eighteen, he would have married a fifteen-year-old).

Correction: She could have gone to school late. Kindergarten isn't mandatory in the US.

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Boomhauer's car, Ms. Sally, has a Texas flag license plate on it. These plates were not issued until 1992, but Ms. Sally was driven into the quarry in the late 70's or early 80's.



During Hanks's conversation with Bobby when he tells him that he will have to marry Luanne, look at the shelf behind Bobby. There is a Bart Simpson doll there. A few years before this was featured the Hill family was in the crowd at one of the pee wee football games in the Simpsons episode "Bart Star".