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Operation -- Annihilate! - S1-E29

Corrected entry: When given the option of using intense light to kill the creatures, McCoy says that he could probably rig a cubicle in the bio lab to test the theory. However, that would require him to know engineering, and one of his caustic quotes is "I'm a doctor, not an engineer!", unless he requisitioned Engineering to help.

Movie Nut

Correction: Rigging a cubicle with lights wouldn't require engineering skills. He just meant he can set up some intense lights and focus them on a certain spot, not that he'll have to wire anything or build a special device.


Operation -- Annihilate! - S1-E29

Corrected entry: When Spock tries and fails to beam down to the the planet, Kirk claimed to have ordered Spock to stay in sickbay, yet he never ordered it: he simply requested Spock to stay in sickbay. There is a difference between a request and an order. (00:26:40)


Correction: In most branches of the military, a superior officer "asking" you to do something is easily considered an order.

Jason Hoffman

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