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Pressure / The Smoking Peanut - S2-E12

Corrected entry: When SpongeBob gets inside his house after talking to Patrick the police come into SpongeBob's house. If you look at the furniture in the background throughout the scene you can see that the furniture changes places all the time.

Correction: The furniture does not change, it stays in the same spot the whole time.

Pressure / The Smoking Peanut - S2-E12

Corrected entry: Patrick's 'Zoo' hat disappears right after the zoo keeper gets tossed away by Clamu.

Correction: No, it was blown off by Clamu.

Pressure / The Smoking Peanut - S2-E12

Corrected entry: In this episode they go out of water. Why don't they dehydrate like when Patrick and SpongeBob entered Sandy's house?

Correction: The likely reason is that Sandy's dome had no air movement or moisture. For example if you had a wet towel it will dry much quicker in a glass enclosure than just outside in the sun. Being on the surface they wouldn't have dried out as quickly and they were only there for less than a minute. In Sandy's dome they were there for a much longer period.

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Pressure / The Smoking Peanut - S2-E12

Corrected entry: If it turns out that Clamu was distressed because her egg was gone, how come she starts crying right when SpongeBob throws the peanut? Wouldn't she start crying right after her egg is stolen?

Correction: The whole reason she started crying was she was woken up by the peanut and had just found her egg missing. Clamu must have still been asleep when Krabs stole the egg meaning she didn't know it was missing. Spongebob throwing the peanut just woke her up and her distressed look was realising her egg had gone.

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Mr. Krabs: What's the most important rule here?
Spongebob: No free napkins?
Mr. Krabs: No, the other most important rule!
Spongebob: Only discuss the secret formula with Mr Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: As long as you do that, the formula is safe.
Squidward: I thought the most important rule was why do today what you can put off for tomorrow?
Mr. Krabs: But what's today, but yesterday's tomorrow?
Squidward: What?



In "Pranks A Lot", Patrick and SpongeBob scare Sandy. When Sandy runs, gets into her rocket and flies away. When she moved bubbles appeared meaning there's water in her tree house. There's no water in there in other episodes because she's a land animal and breathes air.



Whenever there is an accident involving the general population you can ALWAYS hear amongst the groans a man saying, "My leg..."Some examples are: 1. In the episode "Hall Monitor" when SpongeBob directs all the cars in the wrong direction, you can see a bunch of wrecked cars, and then you hear the recording "My leg..." 2. And in "Boating School" when SpongeBob crashes into the lighthouse you can hear a man moan "My leg..." 3. On "The Chaperone" episode, when all the kids at the prom get hurt during "The Sponge" song you can hear "My leg..." 4. This is the one in "Culture Shock" where Squidward puts on a talent show.When Pearl puts on her performance, and jumps up and down, people start crashing through the air.At this part the "My leg..." sound is heard 5. On "Sleepy Time, when SpongeBob is in Plankton's dream, Plankton says "Peek-a-boo I see you, Zap!", and you hear "My leg..." 6. In the episode "Aarrgh!", a fish walks in the Krusty Krab and says "Whip up those patties Crabs." and something else, and Mr.Krabs throws him out and he says "My leg..." 7. In "Walking Small", when SpongeBob gets out his towel, he fans all the sound out of it.All the fish leave instantly.You can hear the recording "My leg..." 8. On "Karate Choppers", when SpongeBob knocks a guy out thinking he's Sandy he says "My leg..." 9. And in "Something Smells" when SpongeBob makes the marching band fall over and fly everywhere you can, once again hear "My leg..." Also, in the movie, a joke was made on this, where instead he says "My eyes!"