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2 corrected entries in Hall Monitor / Jellyfish Jam

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Hall Monitor / Jellyfish Jam - S1-E7

Corrected entry: In "Jellyfish Jam" when Squidward calls Spongebob's house, a jellyfish answers, and Squidward yells in the phone saying, "square headed assault on my ears."(referring to SB). How come he was trying to talk to SB if he heard the jellyfish buzz, "Hello?"

Correction: Squidward hardly pauses to wait and see if it's Spongebob. He immediately starts yelling at him as soon as its picked up. Besides he may not be able to tell with the noise that it was jellyfish buzz to begin with.

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Hall Monitor / Jellyfish Jam - S1-E7

Corrected entry: At the beginning of "Hall Monitor", Mrs. Puff says it's time to choose the Hall monitor of the day, leading us to the assumption that a new hall monitor is chosen every day. However, directly in the sentence afterward, she says she is choosing that week's hall monitor.

Correction: Mrs Puff never makes mention of it being only for the day. She says to begin with "Now its time to choose the new hall monitor". A few shots later she says "The new hall monitor for the week is.."

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