SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants (1999)

2 corrected entries in Naughty Nautical Neighbors / Boating School

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Naughty Nautical Neighbors / Boating School - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Patrick tells SpongeBob how to drive with the walkie-talkie, and SpongeBob starts driving with his help, you can see that in the track there's a wall of red bricks, that he must not crash. In order for not to crash it, SpongeBob must continue the road, turn left, turn right and turn right again. However, Patrick just says to continue the road, turn left and turn right. He didn't say about turning right again, and SpongeBob must have turned right to continue in the road. However, SpongeBob does continue in the road.

Correction: SpongeBob obviously realizes that he will crash if he doesn't turn, so he turns. He has enough boating skills to know how to turn.


Naughty Nautical Neighbors / Boating School - S1-E4

Corrected entry: In Naughty Nautical Neighbors, at the start, SpongeBob's house is on the very left and Patrick's house where SpongeBob should be.

Correction: This is because Spongebob and Patrick and in their backyards, so you are actually seeing the backs of their houses.

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