Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Forever Red - S10-E34

Corrected entry: Tommy takes his jacket off to use as a weapon when fending off the Cogs. After a few shots from different angles, the jacket has completely disappeared.

Correction: He threw it on a cog and kicked the cog away. It is shown. Apparently he ditched the jacket from then on out.

Forever Red - S10-E34

Corrected entry: When the Rangers confront the Machine Empire generals, Jason is seen taking off his jacket. In the next shot of him, the jacket has completely disappeared.

Correction: That's because he took it off. The next shot is of his shoulders and you can see them moving as if he threw it to the side below the camera sight.

Forever Red - S10-E34

Corrected entry: Tommy, the Red Zeo Ranger, and TJ, the Red Turbo Ranger, are both Morphed at the same time. The Turbo powers are an upgrade from the Zeo powers, and Tommy passed on his Zeo/Turbo powers to TJ, in series 5 - both could not be morphed at the same time.

Correction: The Turbo powers were replacements, not an upgrade, for the Zeo powers. Also, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder as well as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, we have seen multiples of the same Ranger powers active. For example, in MMPR, when Jason, Zach, and Trini transfered their powers to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, there were two sets of black, yellow and black Rangers. In Dino Thunder, there was the evil white Ranger clone, which was an evil duplicate of Trent Mercer's Ranger powers. What's fascinating about this one is the fact that it also played into a plot point, where Trent's powers were weakening (somewhat like Tommy's), and it was a result of a phenomenon known as "Dual Drain" where there are two copies of the same Ranger power, and the Morphin Grid has trouble compensating.

Forever Red - S10-E34

Corrected entry: The Turbo powers were destroyed in "Chase Into Space part 2", at the end of the series 5 - TJ shouldn't of been able to morph into the Red Turbo Ranger.

Correction: T.J.'s Turbo powers were linked to Eltar not the Power Chamber, and were restored once the attack on Eltar stopped, since Justin was able to become a Turbo Ranger later on.

Forever Red - S10-E34

Corrected entry: This episode features a reunion of ten past and present Red Rangers from the different Power Rangers series. At the climax of the episode, all ten rangers morph. However, this should be impossible, as several of the ranger powers had either ceased to exist (as in the case of the Lost Galaxy powers) or been given up by their previous holders (such as Jason, who ceded the original Mighty Morphin' powers to Rocky).


Correction: The Lost Galaxy powers are still around, just dormant inside the Quesar Sabers. As for Jason, his Power Coin was dupilicated using the Sword of Light, hence why there are two Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers during "The Power Transfer (2)." Since Jason was not in the battle with Rito in "Ninja Quest (1)," his Coin was still active. Or, if you choose, it healed itself (much like Adam's coin started doing in between "Ninja Quest (1)" and "Always a Chance"). As for T.J.'s powers, they were restored once the attack on Eltar stopped, since Justin was able to become a Turbo Ranger later on.

Forever Red - S10-E34

Corrected entry: We are shown the damaged, burnt remains of King Mondo, the Machine Empire leader. However, when we last saw Mondo, in "Countdown to Destruction Part 2", in Series 6, he was destroyed into (literally) a pile of dust. Where did these metal remains come from?

Correction: I do belive this was just a statue of their fallen leader, not his charred remains.

The End of the Power Rangers (1) - S10-E39

Corrected entry: Zordon tells us that Rita and co. were released from a dumpster on the Moon. Look carefully at the background when they are shown to be released...a nice blue sky? On the Moon?

Correction: In Power Rangers, the moon has always had a atmosphere and Earth-like gravity. This is why, Rita and Zedd could drive their RV around the surface during Zeo and why the Red Rangers in Forever Red didn't suffocate, amoung others. It may not be true of the moon in real life, but it is consistent for Power Rangers.

Forever Red - S10-E34

Corrected entry: One of the Generals of the Machine Empire claim that Lord Zedd was a fool to leave his Zord, Serpentera, buried on the Moon. At the start of Series 4, when the Machine Empire attacked, Zedd & Rita escaped on Serpentera - Serpentera never returned to the Moon.

Correction: But Rita and Zedd soon returned to the Moon and were shown travelling around the surface in the RV. It is probable that they came back to the Moon in Serpentera after staying with Master Vile, landed on the far side from the Machine Empire base and used the RV to get closer for their attacks without being detected.

Forever Red - S10-E34

Corrected entry: Bulk and Skull reminisce about the times they had with Zedd and Rita - Bulk and Skull never met Rita or Zedd in person, despite being constantly threatened by their monsters.

Correction: Bulk and Skull have indeed met Zedd and Rita. It was in the Season 3 episode, Master Vile and the Metallic Armour, Part 2, when Zedd and Rita had a celebration party at the Youth Centre.

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