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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (1993)

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Changing of the Zords (2) - S3-E19

Corrected entry: Billy tells Tommy that he can use his Portal Opener to rescue Kimberley from the Dark Dimension, where Tommy once was. There are a few mistakes here. 1) The Portal Opener is completely different to one used in Series 1. 2) The first time it was used, it was to go after the Green Candle, which was stealing Tommy's Green Ranger powers. Tommy was never trapped in a Dark Dimension. 3) Kimberely is in Lord Zedd's Dark Dimension, not Rita's. (Which is where the Green Candle was). The Dimensions are completely different.

Correction: 1)A more powerful portal opener was used since the first one was flimsy and weak. 2)Tommy was trapped in the Dark Dimension as the evil Green Ranger. He was left there as punishment by Goldar for letting Jason escape in "Green with Evil 3, The Rescue." 3)The Dark Dimension is a holding cell for Zedd's or Rita's prisoners. Even the Rangers parents were trapped there once when they were kidnapped and ransomed for the power coins resulting in Tommy's return as the Green Ranger.

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