The Cosby Show

Period of Adjustment - S7-E4

Continuity mistake: When Pam is in the office talking to Cliff and he tells her about the curfew time, she has a pencil in her hand and a pad in her lap. In the next shot, Cliff offers her a pencil and tells her to take the pad (which is on his desk).


Cliff and Jake - S7-E24

Continuity mistake: When Jake is describing the accident, he takes some glue tubs from the counter. Partway through the scene they change to glue bottles.

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Theo's Final Final - S7-E14

Continuity mistake: When Theo and his parents are talking in the kitchen, there is a box on the table. The cover is on and Theo is standing in front of the table, the next shot he is standing next to the table leaning on a box and the cover is off.

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Theo's Final Final - S7-E14

Continuity mistake: When Theo walks into the kitchen, there are two half gallons of chocolate milk on the stove. When he sees the milk and picks it up there is only one. Theo places it on the table, later the second one reappears on the stove, before he leaves Clair gives him the one that is sitting on the stove, and the one on the table disappears.

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It's All in the Game - S7-E5

Continuity mistake: Theo walks into the living room eating a banana and holding an apple - he eats the banana throughout the scene. At one point he starts eating the apple, the banana peel disappears, and a mandarin orange appears on the couch next to him.

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Theo's Flight - S3-E7

Audio problem: When Cliff asks Rudy what's her boyfriend's name, you can hear a man off-camera saying "Bud" before Rudy answers.

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Theo: You two are the most obnoxious people that I ever met.
Rudy: Thank you, your grumpiness.

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Trivia: Carl Anthony Payne II (Cockroach) was fired from 'The Cosby Show' by Bill Cosby because he refused to get a haircut.

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