The West Wing

20 Hours in America: Part I - S4-E1

Factual error: This show is supposed to take place in September, but the height of the corn and the complete lack of foliage change (even in early September there would be a little red or orange in the trees) make it look much more like June.

20 Hours in America: Part I - S4-E1

Factual error: The President is campaigning in Indiana and Josh, Toby, and Donna get stranded there around noon - but the shadows are quite long and it is obviously not noon in real time, but perhaps mid to late afternoon.

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President Josiah Bartlet: What's next?



In Season 1, Episodes 5&6, it's mentioned several times that Zoey is already 19 a few weeks before she starts college. Yet in this episode, Charlie points out to Leo and the President later tells Oliver Babbish that Zoey was 17 when she was filling out her enrollment forms for college, therefore a parent had to sign them. These are enrollment forms, not application forms - it's extremely unlikely that they were filled out over a year before she started school.



The theme tune heard for the show "Capital Beat" is actually the theme music for the UK's "News at Ten" on ITV.