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Corrected entry: When Marissa shoots Trey in the Season 2 finale, the blood changes from shot to shot. When the bullet first hits his back, blood sprays and drips from the wound, and then later when he's slumped over unconscious, the wound is small with hardly any blood. The wound on his chest also has little blood but then in the next shot it's all over his white singlet.

Correction: There is no mistakes on the "blood work". When he gets shot from the behind the blood sprays and drips - according to his position over Ryan - onto his brother. We can not make out the size of the wound and as entry-wounds are normally very small, there is no mistake why it is small in the end as well. The blood around the wound when he is lying down is only a small area, that's because dripped straight out and never was on his shirt. When he starts to bleed on his chest there is a small drip in the beginning leaving a little mark on the shirt, but regarding the cloth of his shirt it'll suck up the blood quite easily and as Trey is "checking" the wound with his fingers - which are bloody as well from the fight - he'd spread the blood even more.

Ronnie Bischof

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