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Corrected entry: In about the middle of the series,Tiger just disappears. Where does he go? They never explain this at all. They even make reference to this in The Brady Bunch movie when Carol says "Tiger,what ever happened to that dog?"

Correction: In his autobiography; Barry Williams (Greg Brady) explained that during the filiming of the episode "Kachew" (where Jan finds out that she's allergic to Tiger) Tiger (while out for his evening walk with his owner/trainer) was hit and killed by a florist truck. The owner scoured every pet store and pound until he luckily found a look-a-like, but the dog couldn't act. In fact, in that episode's scene where the dog is eating a bone in the boy's room, he's actually being held down by the collar that was nailed to the floor. So after that, the producers used him for quick cameos and eventually wrote out Tiger all together. Now in case you're wondering about why they kept the doghouse as part of the backyard set; it happens that a spotlight had fallen and left a large burn mark in the astro-turf that was being used as grass. The doghouse was used to cover the burn.

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