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You Gotta Have Hope - S4-E17

Corrected entry: In this episode Rose is telling the others that she was left on the doorstep of the Nylunds when she was a baby and adopted. However we know her married name not her maiden was Nylund and her maiden name was Lindstrom. She also says in this episode she was adopted as a baby but in the episode where she meets her father she says she was in an orphanage until she was 8.

Correction: That IS correct, Rose does give many variations to the details surrounding her adoption throughout different episodes within the series. In some, she is in an orphanage for quite some time before being taken in by her adoptive parents, the Lindstroms. However, she also talks about a scenario where her birth mother "Ingrid" dies in child birth, and she is then left on the Lindstrom's doorstep in a basket (and in comedic fashion, stating."with cheese and the beef sticks also 'cuz that was the deal) until she is discovered and then adopted by the family. THIS is the story she tells her father (the monk played by Don Ameche) in the hospital episode, and we know this because of the conversation following after where he tells Rose why he abandoned her mother for the monastery and knew nothing about her having been pregnant with his child (nor Rose's adoption circumstances) before he left.

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