Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me (2003)

2 corrected entries in Pilot (2 hours)

Pilot (2 hours) - S1-E1

Corrected entry: After Rube and George order, in the diner, the waitress comes back with their food waaay too soon.


Correction: Breakfast food at a diner doesn't take much time to prepare and this restaurant had an excellent cook.

Pilot (2 hours) - S1-E1

Corrected entry: The dead (not counting reapers, who are undead) aren't corporeal - that is, they can't touch stuff and people pass right through them. So how can the woman who gets crushed by the piano lock Roxy out of her van?


Correction: Also in the Pilot, we see that when angry enough the dead can affect things. For example, George causes the door to move at the after-funeral dinner, as well as forming the word "Moist" with the magnets on her refigerator. Most people don't affect things, but this same episode shows that it's possible.