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Kim Possible (2002)

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Rewriting History - S2-E32

Corrected entry: In the scene where Detective Johnathan Stoppable is chauffeuring Police Chief Barkin around the World's Fair, they respond to a cry for help from Professor DeMentz. Upon arriving at DeMentz's exhibit, they find DeMentz lying prone on the ground. Chief Barkin and Detective Stoppable help him up off of the floor, and as they do, they spot Miriam "Mim" Possible running from the exhibit. Later in the show, we see Mim at the exhibit helping DeMentz off of the floor prior to his calling for/the arrival of Chief Barkin and Detective Stoppable. Mim then runs off after the thief who robbed DeMentz.

Correction: It is a flashback, not the real thing, so details that were missed might have been corrected later as the story progressed.

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