Jinx - S4-E7

Corrected entry: As Clark speeds away to save Chloe, he is in the middle of a play in the championship football game. One of the other team's defenders is in the air in front of him and is going to sack Clark. Clark goes into super speed, runs to the room where Mxyzptlk has Chloe, knocks the knife out of his hand, pushes him away from Chloe, snaps the links on Chloe's cuffs, runs back out to the field to finish the game with nobody, not even the defender directly in front of his face, realizing he was gone. 1.) In order for Clark to do all the stuff he did and get back, with no one noticing, he would have to run faster than the speed of light. At that speed he would have been noticed as he broke the speed barrier several times over. 2.) The wind turbulence from his body cutting through the air that fast would also have been noticed. The wind from a car going by at 30+ mph is easily felt. Clark's speed could have easily sucked everyone off the field in his wake. 3.) Smacking Mxyzptlk's hand and then shoving his chest at that speed would have caused Mxyzptlk to suffer substantial injuries (broke wrist/hand, broken ribs) none of which he shows later on with Lex.

Correction: I disagree with this even being here. This series is fiction and you could say this statement in every episode in the series. This is not a plot hole. This is what you call fiction. We all know someone could never do the things Clark does.

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