X-Men: Evolution

X-Men: Evolution (2000)

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Grim Reminder - S1-E11

Corrected entry: When Nightcrawler wears his image inducer, his hands are stuck in a peculiar position due to the fact that his natural form only has three fingers per hand. The image inducer hands have the index and middle fingers always together, and the ring and little fingers always together, giving that same look of three fingers. Yet continually throughout the series, image inducer Kurt will hold up his hands and all his fingers will be spread out. In some instances he even crosses his index and middle fingers. Most notable in the end of 'Grim Reminder', where he spreads out his hands and asks for privacy right at the end.

Correction: Xavier may have programmed the image inducer to occassionally change the way his fingers are grouped, so that people who pay undue attention don't ask why he always keeps his fingers together.

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