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The Karate Kid Returns - S6-E14

Corrected entry: The episode's plot hinges on Randy retaliating against a fellow student for refusing to write a retraction concerning a defamatory article he wrote about him for the school newspaper, after which Randy writes an article explaining the error of his vengeful ways. Both aforementioned articles are full of biased commentary, with the former also being an example of yellow journalism. The first rule of journalism outside of gossip publications such as TMZ is to never publish biased or defamatory articles, and as such the editor of the school newspaper wouldn't run either article, nor would the school administration tolerate them being printed.

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Correction: You think that a high school newspaper follows the exact same standards of the New York Times? These are just teenagers writing for a high school paper. There is plenty possibility for high school politics and teenage cattiness to play a part. As well, both students could simply be writing commentary pages as opposed to news articles. Commentary writers are not bound by the ethics against biased writing - that's what they are there for.


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