Futurama (1999)

2 corrected entries in Less Than Hero

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Less Than Hero - S5-E6

Corrected entry: Leela told Fry not to tell anyone his real identity, but she shouts out his name when they are in the museum.

Dan Moat

Correction: She's under stress and she forgets. It happens.

Less Than Hero - S5-E6

Corrected entry: Bender is a Bending Unit, but on the [pi]kea instructions, there is a clear picture of Bender on the "what you need" section. Why would a bending unit be required? He does all the sawing and screwing, etc. but no bending and in the first episode he claims that all he can do is bend and that is all he is worth.

Dan Moat

Correction: We don't get to see the entire process of putting the pIkea item together, it is possible some bending was required. Besides, by this stage Bender has gained a personality and has learned self-worth, ambition and pride. The Pikea instructions provide for a bender unit like the one from 'How Hermes Rewuesitioned His Groove Back', after Bender's CPU was reduced to that of a bender unit and nothing else, a mindless automaton who could not think for himself.

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