Futurama (1999)

1 corrected entry in Crimes of the Hot

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Crimes of the Hot - S5-E1

Corrected entry: A film shows that global warming was temporarily stopped by dropping ice into the sea. However, in 'Xmas Story', Leela says 'nuclear winter' cancelled out global warming.

Dan Moat

Correction: True, but remember that the people of the year 3000 also believe that ancient humans hunted whales on the moon and that cars were made using robots with giant clubs. The show has proven itself to not know exactly what did happen (Except for the second coming of Jesus) in the past 1,000 years on a consistent basis.

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Fry/Bender: Pop a Poppler in your mouth, When you come to Fishy Joe's, What they're made of is a mystery, Where they come from, no one knows. You can pick 'em, you can lick 'em, You can chew 'em, you can stick 'em, And if you promise not to sue us, You can shove one up your nose.



As the power builds up in Bender, his left eye pops out, making him a cyclops, subsequently being eaten by the Cyclops eater. After the monster dies, Bender comes out, and has two eyes in the long shot, but puts his left eye back in the close up.



The robot devil is voiced by Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson.