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A Leela of Her Own - S4-E10

Corrected entry: Blurnsball in this episode isn't played at all like the Blurnsball in the episode "Fear of a Bot Planet" except for a few similarities (like the ball on an elastic cord).

Correction: Blurnsball is shown to be an extremely complicated game (by our standards anyway) as there is so much that can happen. It's quite possible that every game played is completely different in terms of what happens. In "Fear oF A Bot Planet" for example, the ball is "locked" and multiball is engaged (like in a pinball machine). In this episode, the ball isn't locked, so none of that would happen. It seems to be pure luck for the ball to be locked in that way (and presumably the scooter driving round the track is a sort of tradition for that kind of score/point).

Gary O'Reilly

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