Gilmore Girls

Love and War and Snow - S1-E8

Other mistake: When Rory is dropped off in the morning after spending the night with her grandparents, she walks from the car to the porch where Lorelai is standing, but even though it's snowing there aren't any snowflakes anywhere on Rory. (00:39:10)

Love and War and Snow - S1-E8

Other mistake: After Lane goes home, when Rory watches her mom talking to Max note the short window over the kitchen sink behind Rory (not the tall window on the same wall). In the next shot, from outside that short window, we see Rory pull the photo strip out of her pocket then proceed to walk to that window and stand directly in front of it. The problem is there should be a sink and cabinets under that window blocking Rory from standing beside the window. (00:43:05)

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