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Boy Meets World (1993)

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Show generally

Corrected entry: In season 1 when the camera zooms in on Cory and Eric's room, their window is shown on the front of the house. In other episodes Shawn has climbed through the window a number of times. He has done this from the tree house, but the tree house is on the side of the house by Feeny's yard.


Correction: Their room is in the corner of the house. There easily could have been a window on the front and the side.

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the episodes when they show Topanga's dad there's a different actor every time. The first time you see her dad he has long hair, and the next few times after that he has short hair and looks completely different.

Correction: In seasons two and three it was Peter Tork, in season six it was Michael McKean and in season seven it was Mark Harelik. Occasionaly roles need to be recast and it is not a mistake that the actors are not identical.

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