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Blind Ambition - S4-E3

Corrected entry: The sheet of toilet paper change numbers when Lois tears them off to put on the seat (right before she sees Quagmire peeping on her). She tears off three sheets, but they change to four when she puts them on the seat. (This happens on both sides of the seat).

Nick Bylsma

Correction: Louis tears off 3 sheets and puts them along the back. All other sheets she tears are of 4.

A Demon Premium member

Blind Ambition - S4-E3

Corrected entry: When Peter enters Chris' room and accidentally thinks Chris is Lois, he quickly stands up and tries to change the mood by asking Chris questions, one of which is, "Did you do your homework today?" Chris nods his head yes, and Peter comprehends, despite the fact that he is blind.

Correction: He doesn't comprehend. He just gives a response to whatever answer Chris would have given, since he can assume that Chris would've given him an answer. Peter is just saying anything to get out the room, and the timing of Peter's response to Chris' nod can be explained by the fact that Peter knows the pace of a conversation.

Gary O'Reilly

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