Beverly Hills, 90210
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 9
11 How to Be the Jerk Women Love 0
12 Trials and Tribulations 0
13 Withdrawal 0
14 I'm Married 0
15 Beheading St. Valentine 0
16 Survival Skills 0
17 Slipping Away 0
18 Bobbi Dearest 0
19 The Leprechaun 0
20 Fortune Cookie 0
21 I Want to Reach Right Out and Grab Ya 0
22 Local Hero 0
23 The End of the World as We Know It 1
24 Dog's Best Friend 0
25 Agony 0
26 That's the Guy 0
Season 10
Season 10 generally 0
1 The Phantom Menace 0
2 Let's Eat Cake 0
3 You Better Work 0
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Emily Valentine: This isn't Beverly Hills! It's Knot's Landing.

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Question: I wasn't a regular viewer of the show, but there's a question that I really need answered: What does the chant "Donna Martin Graduates" mean? Did Donna do something that threatened her graduation from high school?

Answer: The students were told by the faculty that anyone found to be intoxicated at the Senior Prom would not be allowed to participate in graduation activities. Donna had a little too much champagne at Mel's house and in the limo and got drunk. At the Prom she spent most of the time in the bathroom, being sick. As the gang tried to discreetly usher her to the car, Donna fell and Mrs. Teasly questioned her and realized that she was drunk. "Donna Martin graduates" is what her classmates chanted after a walk-out on their final exams, in protest to the fact that the board was meeting inside to make the final decision of Donna's fate. Big surprise: Donna Martin graduated.


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