V (1984)

2 corrected entries in season 2

Liberation Day - S2-E1

Corrected entry: When Robert and Julie find Elizabeth in the cave, there are all sorts of lights emanating in there, particularly a green one. Obviously done to enhance the moment, but most caves would be pitch black, and the cocoon itself was not generating any light.



Correction: Elizabeth was shown emanating her own light when she deactivated the mothership's doomsday device at the end of The Final Battle.

JC Fernandez

The Wildcats - S2-E15

Corrected entry: When Marta is sent out into space at the end, the doors open and the guards push her coffin outside. In reality everyone would be sucked out of the room, because space is a vacuum.



Correction: The visitors are highly advanced. There couldn't be a one way force field covering the opening?

Grumpy Scot



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