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V: Part 2 (2 Hrs) - S1-E2

Corrected entry: When Donovan disguises himself as a Visitor and stows away aboard a Visitor craft a second time, the Visitor Sergeant who tried to kill him previously leaps on board at the last minute and stands beside him. There is absolutely no way he wouldn't recognise Donovan throughout the journey. (00:49:45)

Correction: Maybe, maybe not. To the Visitors, humans are, essentially, animals (even food). A real person seeing a strange black labrador retriever might well not recognize the same dog later on (they might just think it is another black lab). When the Visitor fought Donovan before, he only saw him as an animal - remember too, the Visitors were all in disguise. Seeing Donovan again just didn't trigger a recognition response.

Zwn Annwn

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V: Part 1 (2 Hrs) - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Mike and his friend escape from the helicopters in El Salvador, Mike's hair, clothes and camera are wet just before they pass in the river. They were not wet in the previous shot. (00:04:10)

Dr Wilson

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