Knots Landing

Knots Landing (1979)

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Episode Title Mistakes
Season 14
1Found and Lost0
2Lovers and Other Strangers0
3The Children's Hour0
4Rescue Me0
5Love and Death0
6The Price0
7Bye, Bye Love0
8A Death in the Family0
9Some Like it Hot0
10The Invisible Man0
11The Getaway0
12Call Waiting0
13Farewell, My Lovely0
14The Way Things Were (1)0
15Hints and Evasions (2)0
16My Kingdom for a Horse0
17Day of the Assassin0
18Just Like Old Times (1)0
19Just Like Old Times (2)0

Paige Matheson: You don't know the meaning of the word trust.
Anne W. Matheson Sumner: Sweetie, yes, I do.
Paige Matheson: The only kind of trust you know has the word "fund" behind it.

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Where There's a Will, There's a Way - S12-E23

Trivia: Mimi Kennedy plays Lar Pink-Lincoln's mother in this episode. In real life, Kennedy is only twelve years older than Pink-Lincoln.

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