Knots Landing

Knots Landing (1979)

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Episode Title Mistakes
Season 11
22Devil on My Shoulder0
23Home Sweet Home0
24Only Just Begun0
25The One to Blame0
26My Love Always0
27If I Die Before I Wake0
28The Fan Club0
29Let's Get Married0
Season 12
Season 12 generally0
1Return Engagement0
2Blind Side0
3God Will0
4Dead But Not Buried (1)0
5Dead But Not Buried (2)0
6You Can Call Me Nick0
7Do not Attempt to Remove0
8The Best Laid Plans0
9Side by Side0
10The Lady or the Tiger0
11Asked to Rise0

Paige Matheson: You don't know the meaning of the word trust.
Anne W. Matheson Sumner: Sweetie, yes, I do.
Paige Matheson: The only kind of trust you know has the word "fund" behind it.

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Where There's a Will, There's a Way - S12-E23

Trivia: Mimi Kennedy plays Lar Pink-Lincoln's mother in this episode. In real life, Kennedy is only twelve years older than Pink-Lincoln.

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