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Trilogy of Error - S12-E18

Corrected entry: In the scene where Homer is in the bathroom, Marge yells to Homer for breakfast. We see him running naked without a towel but by the time Homer, Bart, and Lisa get to the breakfast table, Homer is wearing his usual shirt and trousers.

Correction: We only see him running naked out of the bathroom, nothing else. So he ran in to their bedroom, got his clothes on, and ran downstairs. No mistake.


But Homer arrives at same time as Bart and Lisa.

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Trilogy of Error - S12-E18

Corrected entry: When Milhouse says that he goes to his secret place to cry Bart says, "I didn't know you cried". But in "Bart's Friend Falls in Love", Bart says that he sees Milhouse cry on various occasions.

Correction: Bart doesn't say "I didn't know you cried", he just says "Cool". Even if he had said that its a character mistake not a mistake on the show.

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