Fawlty Towers

Trivia: For one episode, the props guy spent ages building up the bottom of a frying pan with cotton wool and padding, then painting it black to look right. It was placed on a shelf just inside the kitchen door. Unfortunately, on the night, John Cleese reached around the door frame without looking and picked up the wrong frying pan. He then hit Andrew Sachs very hard over the head with it, almost knocking the poor man out.

Trivia: The program is based on a hotel in which John Cleese and Connie Booth stayed in Torquay. Noted in the Series 1 dvd notes.

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Trivia: John Cleese has said that the character of Major Gowen was based on his Latin teacher from school.

Trivia: There is only one episode in which the anagram on the sign uses all the letters, reading "flowery twats."

Trivia: The recording of the final episode, "Basil the Rat", was cancelled due to a BBC strike, and therefore the episode was not broadcast until October 1979, six months after the rest of the series.

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