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Only Fools and Horses (1981)

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Rodney Come Home - S99-E9

Corrected entry: After Delboy and Raquel leave the club together, the scene cuts to the next morning, where Uncle Albert is surprised that Rodney has not yet gone to work. However, when Rodney passes by the window, it's dark outside. (And it's not because it's early morning - if it was very early, it would not have been unusual for Rodney to have not yet gone to work.).

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Correction: This was not the morning after, it was the evening. Albert enquired that Rodney hadn't gone to work that morning due to his hangover. When Del arrived back (during the same scene just after Rodney went to his room with the radio) he commented on Rodney taking the van to the mechanics that morning and arranging a date with Tanya the receptionist. Rodney then re appeared dressed and ready to go out. That is why it was dark outside, Rodney had come back home to sleep off his hangover and re emerged in the evening which is when we see the scene.

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