Trivia: Lori Rom was originally cast as Phoebe but left the show after filming the pilot episode for personal reasons.

Trivia: Many actors who have made appearances on Charmed have also made appearances in Buffy. Some are Greg Vaughn, Charlie Weber, Wade Andrew Williams, Kevin Weisman, Christopher Wiehl, Daniel Dae Kim, Michael Bailey Smith and Brian Thompson and Charisma Carpenter.

Trivia: In every season finale, the front doors of the house are always closed in the last scene. In seasons one and two, Prue did this with her powers. In season three, the demon Shax closes the doors. In season four, the angel of destiny closes the doors. In season five, Chris slams these doors. Season six is the only one that differs, because the last scene is in the hospital recovery room. The recovery room doors shut automatically.

Trivia: Even though Alyssa has more tattoos than Holly, it usually takes more time to cover up Holly's before filming an episode.

Trivia: The Halliwell sisters live at 1329 Prescott Street and the address of the house used as the exterior of the manor is 1326 Carroll Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Trivia: Rebecca Balding who plays Elise Rothman (the editor at Phoebe's newspaper) was first seen in Charmed playing Aunt Jackie in 'The Fourth Sister'.

Trivia: During the entire show, the inside of their garage was only shown once. That's when Leo got Piper to buy him that classic car in season 8.

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Trivia: Whenever the show ends with the girls in P3, (in the Prue episodes. I'm not sure about the Paige ones) look carefully and you will see whoever played the demon they'd just vanquished somewhere in the background as an extra.

Trivia: Piper was the only character who appeared in every episode, including the original unaired pilot.

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Trivia: Holly Marie Combs was originally going to play Prue and Shannen Doherty was going to be Piper.

Trivia: P3's first musical guest was Dishwalla, and the last guest was Liz Phair.

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Trivia: During the series' original conception, the Halliwells were all roommates in Boston.

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Trivia: "The Jung and the Restless" was the last episode to feature P3.

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Trivia: Grams and Patty appeared together in just seven episodes.

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Trivia: At one point in the comic books Grams and Patty reveal that Prue was reincarnated (as Patience) in her next life because her destiny was not complete when she died, so she could not be summoned for Wyatt's wiccaning.

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