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Trial by Magic - S4-E11

Corrected entry: Piper convinced Paige that they should use their powers to make Andrew confess to murder. Paige wonders why it's okay to reveal their powers to a mortal, and Piper and Leo explain to her that it's all right to use their powers on a mortal because they're trying to help an innocent. But in episode 2-19: "Ex Libris," Prue wanted to use a truth spell to force the pawnshop owner to confess to murder, and Phoebe pointed out that it is an abuse of their powers to punish the guilty.


Correction: There's a difference between helping the innocent and punishing the guilty. Sometimes, helping an innocent will inadvertently also punish the guilty, but the main goal for them is to stop pain and suffering happening directly to an innocent.


Trial by Magic - S4-E11

Corrected entry: After Glen finds out about Paige being a witch he jokes about calling off the tabloids. Piper freezes him and says, "you wouldn't find it so funny if you'd lost a sister that way". But time was reversed and the sisters' magic was never revealed, Prue was killed by Shax. Also Piper had no memory of that day, when time was reversed she had no idea why Phoebe wasn't there, so why would she blame Prue's death on that?

Correction: Prue would never have died if they hadn't been exposed to the media. Without the exposure, time wouldn't have needed to be turned back. As for Piper not knowing about the exposure, Phoebe, Cole, and Leo were in the Underworld and therefore not affected by the time change. They would have filled her in on how and why Prue died.


Trial by Magic - S4-E11

Corrected entry: When Paige decides to use magic to show Glenn that she really is a witch, she casts a spell that is supposed to "expand his imagination," but instead makes his body able to expand and contract like elastic. But why would Paige cast an unfamiliar spell on Glenn, instead of just using her orbing talent to provide quick and obvious proof of the reality of magic?


Correction: Because by "expanding his imagination" he will be more likely to believe and accept what she is telling him, while simply orbing might make him freak out and not be able to accept it.

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