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Pardon My Past - S2-E14

Corrected entry: In the Manor, in 1924, P. Russell threw a fireball at P. Bowen, who disintegrated it with her cryokinetic power. They did this in front of dozens of mortals. Since both good and evil magical forces want to prevent magic from being exposed to the world, something like that would almost never happen. And even if it did, this was all very similar to what Phoebe and Paige did in the marketplace in episode 6-19:"Crimes And Witch-Demeanors," which immediately brought out the Cleaners to wipe everybody's memories of having witnessed magic.


Correction: It was already known that the people in the manor knew they were witches. The book was there for everybody to see, and potions and amulets were lying around on the table where the Book of Secrets was, so it was no secret that they were witches.

Pardon My Past - S2-E14

Corrected entry: The family tree shows the girl's father is Victor Jones. However, other episodes refer to him as Bennett or Halliwell. Also, on the family tree it shows that P. Bowen (past Prue) died in 1972. However, Prue was born in 1970 - not possible.

Correction: P. Bowen (Past Prue) died in May of 1970, not in 1972 and Prue was born in October of 1970, so the dates line up just fine.

Pardon My Past - S2-E14

Corrected entry: In this episode past evil Phoebe has the power to throw fire. But in season 4, when Phoebe becomes queen of the underworld, Leo says throwing fire is an upper level demon power.

Correction: Past Phoebe was seduced into evil from Anton so infact she was evil. Present day Phoebe was carrying a demonic child who took control of her. She was not evil but went willingly with Cole/The Source.

Stephen Edmonds 1

Pardon My Past - S2-E14

Corrected entry: The family tree was written in the same handwriting, and that includes that Grams died, so that would have meant that either Prue, Piper or Phoebe had written the family tree.

Correction: There was someone else that was around the entire time. Leo.

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