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Dead Man Dating - S1-E4

Corrected entry: Andy gives Prue a key as an early birthday gift, and tells her that it's a key to the Calistoga Spa, where he has arranged for them to spend the following weekend, in adjoining rooms. But where did the key come from? You get a room key when you check into a resort, not the week before your vacation. (00:00:40)


Correction: The key is just a gesture saying that is where he wants to take her for the weekend. It is not the actual key to their room.

Stephen Edmonds 1

Dead Man Dating - S1-E4

Corrected entry: After Skye's body is found, Darryl says that "The coroner says it's as if she fell off a twenty-story building." But when did the coroner ever see this body? They're still at the crime scene, and the body hasn't even been moved from the bed yet.


Correction: If you watch any show like Law & Order or CSI, you will see the coroner arrive at the scene of the crime, often before the police. It makes perfect sense for the medical examiner to see the body before they leave the scene.

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