Witch Wars - S6-E21

Corrected entry: It is mentioned that a good witch who was murdered had the power of shooting fire from her hands. But when Phoebe exhibited a fire-throwing power in the fourth season, Leo was immediately alarmed because that is an upper level demonic power. And Phoebe's past life incarnation had a pyrokinetic power in episode 2-14: "Pardon my Past," which her cousins bound and also banned from occurring again in the future. The bottom line is, good witches don't shoot fire from their hands.


Correction: What about the witch killed in "Something Wicca This Way Comes"? This isn't the first time a good witch has summoned fire - the reason Leo was alarmed was because of the manner of Phoebe's power, not the fact that it involved fire. Phoebe's ancestors banned the power from occurring again within the family line, but wouldn't have had the power to banish it from all witches.


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