Chief Surgeon Who? - S1-E4

Trivia: The picture of Hawkeye hung on the pole was taken when he poked up out of a duffel bag trying to sneak up on Lt. Dish in the pilot episode.

Letters - S9-E2

Trivia: After Radar had gone home, the opening sequence showing the choppers flying in before the title card comes up was altered to omit Radar on the left side of the shot. In this episode's opening, the original with Radar was used.

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Big Mac - S3-E21

Trivia: During the clean up scene, a bugle call is heard playing over the P.A. System. Assuming that the scene was shot in the late afternoon (5 p.m. possibly), the call being played is called "Retreat", done when the U.S. Flag is lowered and folded for the day.

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Deal Me Out - S2-E13

Trivia: Assuming he was home when the Conscription Officers came for him, Klinger would have travelled 561.3 miles from his home in Toledo, Ohio, to Grand Central Station in New York, NY.

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Trivia: Radar and Franks Burns in real life were just the opposite of the characters they played on the show.


Trivia: Alan Alda (Captain Pierce) is the only actor to appear in every episode of the show.

The Army-Navy Game - S1-E20

Trivia: Three bits of trivia. (1) The game was total fiction, with a final score of Navy 42, Army 36. No Army-Navy game has ended with that score. (2) The radio announcer says it is the 53rd Army-Navy game. The 53rd game was played in 1952, with Navy winning 7-0. (3) Though not named in the credits, host Tom Kennedy was the voice of the radio commentator, a fact he confirmed in an interview in 2003.

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Hawkeye Get Your Gun - S5-E10

Trivia: When Potter orders Hawkeye to fire his gun, Hawkeye fires only five shots, not seven like he rightfully should firing a Colt M1911 service pistol. It looks like after the fifth shot his gun malfunctioned and wouldn't fire, he even pulls the trigger two more times. Being a good actor, Alda doesn't ruin the take but keeps on acting. Later they forgot to change the dialogue though: Hawkeye says to Potter "You fired as many shots as I did" when in fact Potter fired seven and Hawkeye only five. (00:22:00)

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Death Takes a Holiday - S9-E5

Visible crew/equipment: After Charles confronts Choi Sung Ho about the candy, Ho explains that he sold it on the black market to buy real food, and when Ho reenters the mess tent through the side door, we can see that outside there's a director's chair, which actors also use, with something printed on its back.

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Sometimes You Hear the Bullet - S1-E17

Henry Blake: All I know is what they taught me at command school. There are certain rules about a war, and rule number one is that young men die. And rule number two is that doctors can't change rule number one.

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Cease-Fire - S1-E23

Question: General Clayton says that he confirmed the news of a ceasefire with "CINCOMPAC" (according to the subtitles). What the heck is CINCOMPAC?

Answer: It is actually Cencompac for Central Command of the Pacific. It is like the headquarters for all military activity in the Pacific Region (Japan, Korea, Okinawa, etc. The newer version of that is United States Pacific Command (USPACOM).


And the abbreviations were used mainly by the Navy. Especially CENCOMPAC.


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