Cementing Relationships - S9-E3

Trivia: When someone is needed inside, B.J. tells Hawkeye to go, and says "I'll stay here with Der Bingle", referring to Mulcahy, due to him singing as he mixed cement. "Der Bingle" was a reference to Bing Crosby.

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Letters - S9-E2

Trivia: After Radar had gone home, the opening sequence showing the choppers flying in before the title card comes up was altered to omit Radar on the left side of the shot. In this episode's opening, the original with Radar was used.

Movie Nut

Father's Day - S9-E4

Trivia: Andrew Duggan plays Loretta Swit's father in this episode. In real life, Duggan was only fourteen years older than Swit.

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