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No Sweat - S9-E11

Continuity mistake: While BJ, Hawkeye, and Margaret are in the OR, BJ has the stethoscope either around his neck or the eartips are in his ears, depending on the angle of the consecutive shots.

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A War for all Seasons - S9-E6

Continuity mistake: When Maj. Winchester hears that the Giants won, he drops his baseball cap. A few shots later we see him lying on his back, clasping his cap in his hand.

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Blood Brothers - S9-E18

Continuity mistake: As Mulcahy enters and is introduced by Potter, he assumes the podium, and clasps his hands behind his back. A second later, his arms are by his sides.

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No Laughing Matter - S9-E13

Continuity mistake: While Charles, BJ, and Hawkeye are in the Officers' Club, when Margaret storms in and starts yelling at Charles about the visiting pervert Colonel, Charles facepalms himself with his right hand, but next shot his left hand is up, and it continues to switch.

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Father's Day - S9-E4

Continuity mistake: As Margaret sits on the bunk to talk with Al, his hands are by the table's edge. When the angle changes, they're up at chin level.

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Tell it To the Marines - S9-E8

Continuity mistake: The water Klinger accidentally spits on Potter goes from a number of separate spots to one big spot in a couple of seconds.

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The Red/White Blues - S9-E16

Continuity mistake: In the Officer's Club, Potter is about to order a drink. When he goes to give the order, he starts to look at Hawkeye. When the camera cuts to a close up of Potter, Hawkeye, and BJ, he's facing forward again.

Tell it To the Marines - S9-E8

Continuity mistake: In the mess tent, after Hawkeye and BJ read about the blood donations, Hawkeye goes to fold and put the paper down. When the camera cuts to a wide shot, he's folding and putting the paper down again.

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Death Takes a Holiday - S9-E5

Visible crew/equipment: After Charles confronts Choi Sung Ho about the candy, Ho explains that he sold it on the black market to buy real food, and when Ho reenters the mess tent through the side door, we can see that outside there's a director's chair, which actors also use, with something printed on its back.

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Sometimes You Hear the Bullet - S1-E17

Henry Blake: All I know is what they taught me at command school. There are certain rules about a war, and rule number one is that young men die. And rule number two is that doctors can't change rule number one.

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Trivia: Season 4. Episode 1 "Welcome To Korea". At the end of the episode the new commanding officer, Colonel Sherman Potter, played by Harry Morgan is introduced. In Season 3 Episode 1 "The General Flipped at Dawn", Harry Morgan played Major General Bartford Hamilton Steele.

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