The Joker is Wild - S11-E4

Corrected entry: To avoid being the last victim of the jokes, Hawkeye sets his bed up in the compound, surrounding it with barbed wire. Trouble is, the wire is wrapped in such a way as it would be impossible to him get over or through without getting cut to shreds.

Movie Nut

Correction: He probably stepped into the circle of his cot then pulled the wire around him.

Greg Dwyer

The Joker is Wild - S11-E4

Corrected entry: When BJ and Hawkeye are at the desk in Post Op, Margaret comes in to blame BJ for the missing fabric in her bathrobe. He claims that it wasn't him, but pulls a piece of fabric out of the desk drawer that he claims to have "coincidentally" noticed there. He never touched the desk drawer, and had come in only a minute before. The only way that he could have known about it was to have placed it there beforehand.

Correction: Exactly. He (or even Margaret) put it there after it was cut.

At the end of that episode, it is disclosed that BJ was the mastermind and the others acted as if "they got, got."

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