The Army-Navy Game - S1-E20

Corrected entry: The announcer says that it will be the 53rd Army-Navy game, but the game has been played every year since 1890. The 53rd game would have been played in 1942, 8 years earlier (we know it must still be 1950 since the leaflets in the propaganda bomb are in MacArthur's name, but he was removed in April of 1951). Additionally, at the end of the episode we find out the result was Navy 42 - Army 36. While Navy won all three games during the Korean conflict, none of those games ended with such a score. The score in the 1950 game was 14-2.

Correction: There were many years (such as the mid 1890s and the last two years of WW1 for example) when there was no game.

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The Army-Navy Game - S1-E20

Corrected entry: After the propaganda bomb goes off and they read the pamphlets, the propaganda is written in English and not Korean, even though it's supposed to be aimed at the North Koreans.

Correction: As we see in the series, many North Koreans can understand and speak English, though not all can.

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