Season 1 generally

Corrected entry: In Henry's office, during several scenes there is a diploma hanging on the wall behind the stove. It is partially obscured, but if you look carefully you can make out that it says "Henry Clay High School". Beneath that in smaller print, you can make out "Lexington, Kentucky". (I live in Lexington and this is a real high school. That's why it caught my eye.) Henry claims to have been born and raised in Bloomington, Illinois, so this diploma makes no sense.


Correction: This isn't trivia, and not really a mistake, either. I was born in one city, raised in another, and graduated high school in another province entirely, returning to the city I was raised in after graduation. My diploma comes from a town in a province that I only lived in for 2 years. When asked, I say I was raised in the city I spent the most time in.


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