Miss Right Now - S11-E19

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, Ronee and Frasier are talking at his table about her mother. Frasier asks, "She doesn't approve of premarital sex?" and his arm is folded in front of him. In the next shot, his elbow is on the table and his hand up in the air. Later on in the scene, Ronee's mother shows up at the door and we see Marty lunge to the right to grab his cane. A couple of seconds later the shot goes back to him and we see him lunge to the right for his cane again.

Miss Right Now - S11-E19

Continuity mistake: Frasier and Marty are sitting in their living room talking about Frasier's problems with women. Marty has his fork poised above a plate with a slice of cake on it. The next shot shows the fork on the plate, next to the cake. Marty would not have had time to put the fork down in the split-second in between.

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