The X-Files

Soft Light - S2-E23

Continuity mistake: After the meeting with Dr. Davey, we cut to Mulder sitting in the train station trying to figure out what Dr. Banton was doing in the video. We see an overhead shot of the station, which shows a column in the far distance. Watch carefully: the shot never loses sight of the column, and you can see random passersby walk towards the column, but NO Scully. As the camera moves downwards to focus on Mulder in the foreground, Scully suddenly appears from behind the column, as if she had been walking towards it all this while. Obviously, she had been standing behind the column until her cue to come out. (00:19:45)

Soft Light - S2-E23

Continuity mistake: When the guy looks through the peephole, Dr Banton casts no shadow, while in other scenes he does. (00:01:55)

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