Star Trek: Enterprise

Horizon - S2-E20

Corrected entry: In "Horizon" they talk about going to visit a system to watch a geological event that will take place in a week from then. Mayweather says that this system is 30 lightyears away from them. By using the Warp speed calculator you see that this trip would take about 51 days. Warp 5 is too slow to get there in time, but still they arrive in time.

Correction: In Star Trek, warp speed has never been precisely defined. Since when is a fansite considered canon, especially for things like this?


Stigma - S2-E14

Corrected entry: Archer says he doesn't remember T'Pol being attacked in "Fusion." But in that episode, he lured T'Pol's attacker into his cabin, got into a fight, and threatened him with a phase pistol because he knew the guy assaulted T'Pol.

Correction: He says, "You were attacked. I remember."

JC Fernandez

Cogenitor - S2-E22

Corrected entry: Malcolm says he has never heard of "photonic warheads." But in "Sleeping Dogs," he gets his hands on and launches the Klingon's "photon torpedoes."

Correction: He says that he's "not quite familiar with those" and says it with a smirk. He could be pretending he doesn't know about them in the hope that the visitor will reveal more information about them.

Regeneration - S2-E23

Corrected entry: In First Contact we see that the Borg don't need to breathe. Therefore, there is no reason for the drone to gasp for air after his systems are reactivated.


Correction: It is never said that borg do not need to breathe. In the scene in First Contact, the borg are walking in vacuum without spacesuits. We are never told how long they can go before refreshing their air supply. Whales and turtles etc can go underwater for very long periods before needing to surface to breathe once again.

Soylent Purple

Stigma - S2-E14

Corrected entry: T'Pol says here that Mind Melding is something that only a few Vulcans are born with. This once again contradicts "Fusion," when it was described as a learned technique.

Correction: The data T'Pol is relying on is from the Vulcan High Command, and it's established that they look down on mind melders, accounting for the conflict. We learn from the episodes with the Syrannites, that the High Command spread a lot of disinformation on melding.

Bounty - S2-E25

Corrected entry: T'Pol claims that Vulcans don't discuss Pon Farr with non-Vulcans, but she discussed it quite openly with Archer and Trip in "Fallen Hero."

Correction: She was referring to Vulcans in general, and there are always exceptions. There's also the fact that T'Pol is actually considered an unorthodox Vulcan, and throughout the show, she has done a lot of things that would be considered "unVulcan", yet not out of character for her.

The Breach - S2-E21

Corrected entry: How in the heck someone like in Doctor Phlox's time frame knew anything about tribbles in the first place. It was 100 years before McCoy and Cerino Jones and 200 years before Worf and co. Guess Doctor Phlox can leave a note to Doctor McCoy about the tribble's life cycle and its predators.

Correction: Dr. Phlox is an xeno-biologist from another world - his whole life's work is to study all life on other planets. He has many creatures living in the Sick Bay that I'm sure Dr. McCoy has never heard of. Dr. McCoy is a medical doctor who knows how to treat humans (and a few aliens), not a biologist - there are probably lots of Earth creatures Dr. McCoy couldn't tell you the life cycle of. No one could possibly know the life cycles of all creatures on thousands of planets.


Regeneration - S2-E23

Corrected entry: In the episode "Regeneration", how can the two borg that regenerate communicate, as you will know from the Voyager episode (Survival Instinct) for instance, drones that are severed from the collective (as these had been for 100 years) do not re-establish connections with each other. They only act as confused individuals. They can't have been in contact with the collective. If they were, it would not have been necessary for the drones to send the message to the collective at the end. We know that the original two drones were from the future, and therefore, if they were in contact with the present-day collective, the Borg would have tried to attack earth long before TNG.

Correction: The Borg in this episode never lost their link to the collective, it was merely disrupted when their sphere was destroyed and when they were frozen. They reestablished their link once they were thawed.

Regeneration - S2-E23

Corrected entry: In 'Regeneration,' the doctor manages to find a way to defeat the Nanoprobes. These are 24th Century Nanoprobes that no scientist or doctor from that era can defeat. Yet he can do it whilst under the Nanoprobes effect (i.e., he is not operating at full strength) and in only a few hours. Maybe he should leave a note for Dr. Crusher to tell her to try that radiation out?

Correction: So far as we know, a Denobulan (Dr. Phlox's race) has never been infected by Borg nanoprobes. The cure he devised might be totally ineffective on other races.

Grumpy Scot

Regeneration - S2-E23

Corrected entry: In the episode "Regeneration", towards the end of the episode there's a scene where several Enterprise crewmen are being pursued by several borg. The crewmen fire their phase pistols at the borg and two of the drones are hit and dies and then when the next two drones are hit they have developed shields against this phaser setting. In the next scene we see Archer and Reed on the transport ship that the borg is modifying and they are shooting and killing drones right and left continously without any of the drones adapting their shields. This is long before Picard and Janeway so naturally nobody, not even Reed, has learned that they have to alternate frequencies on the phasers in order to keep the borg from adapting while on the other hand the borg are all interconnected so when the drones on the Enterprise developed shields so should the drones on the borg ship.

Correction: Actually, there has been some debate about this among Star Trek fans and we have come to more a less a consensus. During the first encounter with the assimilated Tarkaleans they were using the stun setting because they didn't want to hurt them. Later they modified weapons to use against the Borg but only a few among which were the ones Archer and Reed used aboard the transport. They used these on the highest setting and since the Borg have not assimilated this technology, they couldn't adapt to it. The security team aboard Enterprise used unmodified weapons on their highest setting which worked but were adapted to.

Regeneration - S2-E23

Corrected entry: This series plays long before Star Trek TNG, so how come Starfleet has forgotten all about the Borg. In the TNG series the Borg are discovered and Starfleet has no information about them. Surely someone should have mentioned something about them in the Starfleet archives.

Correction: The Borg in Enterprise are a direct result of Picard's trip backwards in time in "First Contact." Picard's interaction with the past is naturally going to change a lot of things in the timeline - but the producers can't re-film every episode of TNG to show it! Not to mention the fact that the whole incident was likely classified by StarFleet and buried CIA-style.

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