Star Trek: Enterprise

Broken Bow (2) - S1-E2

Corrected entry: T'Pol reminds the Commander, that last time he got too friendly with an alien contact, he ended up carrying a child. Trip became pregnant in S1 E5. (00:15:20)

Correction: The submitter of this mistake was confused since this is submitted for episode 2 "Broken Bow" yet this conversation between T'Pol and Trip occurs in the much later episode "Oasis" which completely nullifies this mistake. Trip dealt with carrying a child in episode 5 "Unexpected" and T'Pol reminds him of it in "Oasis" which is episode 20 (on Netflix it's 19 because 1 and 2 are combined) of season 1. There is no continuity issue with the episodes.

Super Grover Premium member

Correction: That exchange occurs in the episode "Oasis", S1, E20.

Fallen Hero - S1-E23

Corrected entry: Tucker acts astonished when T'Pol talks about Vulcan mating rituals, but he found out about those rituals in "Fusion" when the renegade Vulcans told him.

Correction: Trip isn't really astonished by the rituals, he just makes a sarcastic comment about them.

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