Trivia: In the opening credits there is a shot of a girl standing alone on the corner of a street. This was taken from the Buffy episode "Anne", when Buffy was staying in Los Angeles.

Trivia: Angel's human name was Liam. "Liam" is an Irish form of "William", so basically, Angel and Spike have the same name.

Trivia: About 7 seconds into the opening theme you see the face of a young man looking up (Just before you see Angel with the sword) That young man is Phantom Dennis. He is only seen once in episode 5 of the 1st season- Room with an Vu. After that he's an unseen "character" until season 4.

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Trivia: Angel's headquarters in season 2-4 was in the Hyperion Hotel. Hyperion is another name of Helios (the god of Sun in Greek mythology), and means "the one who goes above".

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Trivia: By the series finale, Angel lost and regained his soul a total of three times: (1) in flashbacks to when he was sired and cursed, (2) after he slept with Buffy on her 17th birthday and re-ensouled by Willow, and (3) when Angel Investigations battled The Beast in season four (again re-ensouled by Willow). And while he didn't lose his soul in the episode "Eternity," he did briefly turn into Angelus; he also pretended to become Angelus in the Buffy episode "Enemies."

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Trivia: Angel and Lindsey McDonald were the only characters who appeared in both the series premiere and series finale. Harmony Kendall was the only character from the finale who also appeared in the unaired "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" pilot.

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