Shiny Happy People - S4-E18

Corrected entry: In the episodes 'Shiny Happy People' and 'The Magic Bullet', Fred and Angel are infected with Jasmine's blood for a while before her spell breaks; they only snap out of it when they look at her and see her true face. Gunn, Wesley and Lorne, however, only have to be touched with the blood and they snap out of it immediately without seeing her face.


Correction: Gunn, Wesley, and Lorne are exposed to Cordelia's blood, not Jasmine's. Cordelia's maternal link to Jasmine causes her blood to work differently and faster on Jasmine's enchantment because all of Jasmine's blood came from Cordelia during the pregnancy.


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Cordelia: You want I should distract him? Make with the nice-nice while you slip by?
Angel: Don't be stupid. I'm that guy and the most beautiful woman I've ever seen is making eyes at me? It's either a bachelor party or a scam.
Cordelia: What did you just call me?
Angel: I'm sorry. You're not stupid.
Cordelia: No, after that.



Right after Cordelia has her vision, Wesley goes to the whiteboard. In the "Case" column he writes "N.D.U.O." underneath what looks like "CARYNSS" crossed out. But once they find out that it is a Prio Motu demon and Angel writes it on the whiteboard, "N.D.U.O." disappears even though Angel did not rub it off.



In the opening credits there is a shot of a girl standing alone on the corner of a street. This was taken from the Buffy episode "Anne", when Buffy was staying in Los Angeles.