Dawson's Creek

Season 4 generally

Trivia: Originally, they were thinking of actually moving the show "Dawson's Creek" to another city in order to send off the main characters to Boston for College, etc. Cities considered as locations for College, etc. were Montreal, Vancouver, Baltimore, Austin, and San Diego. Baltimore ended up being the easiest city to 'fake as Boston'. But ultimately it was decided that it was simply too expensive to move the show; so they ended up sending their main characters to Boston, but actually keeping the show in Wilmington, NC and filming there during the 'College Years'.

Season 4 generally

Trivia: During the 4th Season, there were a lot of parties in various episodes. Generally episodes were structured to have some sort of party or get-together in the 3rd or 4th act. This was done in order to intersect the various storylines in a realistic and visually interesting manner.

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