Dawson's Creek

Season 2 generally

Trivia: During the entire Season 2, it's interesting to note that frequently guys in the program were shown wearing shirts or sweaters with either a single horizontal or multiple horizontal stripes design across the upper or chest area. If you notice closely; this happens quite a bit as the guys often have on a shirt, sweater, t-shirt, etc. with either a single wide or narrow horizontal stripe or a couple of horizontal stripes close together, etc. Sometimes the stripes even continue onto the sleeves. Apparently this was a very popular, trendy fashion for guy's shirts during that time in the late 90's. What's funny, is that you see it so often during the episodes on so many people. It's like they're all wearing the same shirts in this one exact style.

Season 2 generally

Trivia: Generally with Dawson's Creek, the scripts were generated in LA and sent down to Wilmington, NC about 7 days before filming. The director for that episode arrived at that time also, to prep the script. But during Season 2, they were so concerned about making the dialogue perfect the scripts starting showing up later and later to the point where sometimes they arrived only hours before shooting. Needless to say, the actors were becoming upset as they didn't have time to prepare properly and the director had to prep off of an outline. Fortunately, they resolved the problems and they didn't repeat themselves during Season 3.

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